Business is tough. You need a Collaborative Mindset and Agile Thinking.

In the current global work environment, all companies/businesses are focused on retaining the talent and knowledge held by the workforce.
We are all focused on lowering the employee turnover and preserving knowledge.
Helping people improve will help Business improve. Decent, motivated, enthusiastic and happy people make all the difference in highly competitive markets.
Are your people decent people?
Sarah and Russell are a dynamic duo, a husband and wife team, and two of Australia’s most respected comic improvisers and teachers of improvisation..
Over 30 years combined experience working in both commercial theatre, and corporate events. We’ve studied, performed and taught improvisation with the best teachers and performers on the world.
We share a passion for using improvisation to create outstanding, memorable performances and energising, inspiring workshops.
We’ll show you a different way to approach work...

The Decent People - Delighting Audiences, Inspiring Teams!