We bring the skills from the performing arts to performing in business.  

We specialise in the art of improvisation.

The Decent People will help you adopt improvisation skills and principles for fun and profit.

 Improvisers invent theatre on the spot in front of audiences. Sounds like a lot of pressure?  Good improvisers thrive in that situation. Its their business.

Improvisation is a discipline that has endured since theatre began.  You might be familiar with "Theatresports", "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", "Thank God You’re Here", "Spontaneous Broadway", or hundreds of other improvised shows performed around the world by highly skilled performers. 

Without intrinsic COLLABORATIVE BEHAVIOUR, these shows would fail, as they are making it up on the spot.

Improvisation is a trending tool for top management institutes such as Harvard Business School.

The Decent People’s mission is to apply improvisation techniques to every workplace to boost HOW WE WORK TOGETHER.

“There is still the notion that improvisation is about flying by the seat of your pants rather than a set of skills that need to be fine-tuned for you to function at the peak of your intelligence,” Bob Kulhan, Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

We love bringing our Creative Skills Workshops to team-building and leadership programs because of the "AHA!" moments that happen every time.

We will show you ways to be POSITIVE and PRESENT.

Make one small change in the way your teams and leaders think, speak and behave - it will have a massive impact on performance and your bottom line.

“How we pay attention in the present moment can directly improve the functioning of body and brain...mindful awareness: it is at its core full of acceptance” – Daniel J Siegel, THE MINDFUL BRAIN 

The Decent People - Delighting Audiences, Inspiring Teams!