What do you do?

  • We design and deliver bespoke communication, leadership, team-building and presentation skills workshops
  • We perform spontaneous comedy shows
  • MC services


Who do you do it for?

  • Businesses
  • Conferences
  • Management and staff training programs
  • Community organisations
  • Associations and Clubs
  • Schools
  • Universities


What type of events?

  • Corporate Events
  • Awards Nights
  • Off-site programs
  • Fundraising Events
  • Celebrations
  • Induction and Ice-breaker events


What’s it for?

  • To have a memorable shared experience
  • To reward staff
  • To train people in voice, body language and mindset
  • To retain staff
  • To inspire leaders and teams
  • To help with stress and mental health
  • To improve productivity
  • To improve workplace culture


How do we engage with you?

  • Have a look at our case studies and see which service suits you best
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for – please call us or email – we’re happy to help you find what you need
  • After you have a look around our website and our and have a look at our links and you think we may be of service - please call us:
  • RUSSELL -  0413 597 627
  • SARAH – 0418589033
  • OR EMAIL US: russell@thedecentpeople.com  and or sarah@thedecentpeople.com


Why should we book you?

  • Sarah and Russell are a dynamic duo, a husband and wife team, and two of Australia’s most respected comic improvisers and teachers of improvisation.
  • Excellent Customer service
  • Competitive Price
  • Improve your Bottom Line by Inspiring and Retaining Quality Staff
  • We are fun to work with – you and your team will have an awesome time
  • Vast experience in corporate facilitation and entertainment
  • Range of skills training we provide: brain gym, presentation skills, group dynamics, voice and body language technique, role play, coaching, creative and agile thinking, story-telling.


Do you really improvise?

Yes. We work out a structure for every show and every workshop to suit the client. The principles are all the same, but the content is always different.
Audiences suggest the topics for the sketches in our shows. In our workshops, every individual participant is inventing stories they didn’t even know they could.


How much does it cost?

  • Workshops start at less than $900.00 plus GST
  • Entertainment services begin at $1500.00 + GST
  • How much are you spending on alcohol at your event?
  • How much is investing in your staff worth? To make them feel valued, listened to, inspired and engaged?


Can you design programs that last for a day or even more?

  • Most clients use us for two hour or half day sessions.
  • We have run programs for large businesses that last up to two days
  • We are designing a program that is once a month for 12 months


What are your qualifications?

  • Russell has a Bachelor of Education (Drama and English)
  • Sarah has a Diploma of Business Training
  • Both accredited in Team Management Systems training.



The Decent People - Delighting Audiences, Inspiring Teams!