Case Studies

The Decent People Case Studies.
Here are a few examples of how we have helped others...

 Case Study 1 - MYOB

At the MYOB national marketing conference, we were engaged to provide energetic bursts of performances throughout the day, as well as facilitate icebreaker communication and presentation exercises the whole group could join in.
“ I just wanted to say thank you to the both of you for helping to enliven our Brand Captain Workshop so much. Everyone loved it and the energy you helped to unleash has spread like wildfire back to the teams here at MYOB.
Cate Newman 
Marketing Manager – Brand, MYOB Australia Pty Ltd




For the VICTORIA POLICE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM - a group of 17 senior officers and managers – we delivered a one-hour energy packed program.
We performed a short improvised show, followed by a workshop for participants focusing on collaboration, openness, mindfulness, body language and engagement.
We have since followed up by facilitating a situational leadership role-play exercise examining strategies for approaching Difficult Conversations.



A branch within the VICTORIAN DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE – 60 managers, clinical services and corrections officers – were having an end of year function.  We delivered our YOUR COMPANY’S GOT TALENT program.  We performed a short show and then ran a high-energy workshop that bonded the group in ways they had not imagined. THEN the talent show – performed by small teams from within the group.

“You both deliver really key messages in a fun and relaxed way. Anxiety of participants dissipates very quickly... By way of feedback, I was wondering what the chances are of you guys being available next Friday?”

Sarah Miles, A/ General Manager, Corrections Victoria, Department of Justice



At ci2013 – the fourth annual creative innovation conference at The Sofitel Melbourne – the gala dinner debate was about the year 2050 with a panel of 7 international experts in business, the environment and education.
The producer wanted me to perform as a Scottish academic! So we created Professor Russell McGregor, an expert in Ethical Etiquette, complete with a reworking of the 1969 Zager and Evans hit, “In The Year 2525.” This blending of humour and passion provoked the audience and the panel into surprising, intellectual and entertaining areas of inspiration and mischief.
Russell has been asked to MC the entire ci2015 conference. I’m sure the Professor will reappear.



Professor Russell McGregor recently returned to host the DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING TRANSPORT AND INFRASTRUCTURE (South Australia) leadership program awards night. 
There was laughter at his keynote speech about Sustainable Transport Solutions in The Highlands, and the evening also had haggis hurling to cleanse the room of past mistakes.



For over ten years Russell has been involved with the outstanding COMMITTEE FOR MELBOURNE Future Focus Group program. Either designing and facilitating workshops at the induction weekend, coaching the participants with practical presentation and pitching advice, or entertaining the groups at their graduation dinners.
Feb 2014 was the start of a new program.
The Decent People provided an energetic workshop at the induction weekend of get the creative juices flowing fast and inject some energy and fun.


Sarah was invited to present at the Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours), Monash University induction day which included prominent guest speakers such as Louise Adler AM. She ran several sessions of brain gym and improvisation which energized and inspired the participants.

“In the expert hands of Sarah Kinsella our diverse group comprised of CEO's, first year university students and senior university management were quickly engaged in improvisation activities.  Even the cynics amongst the group were laughing and eager for more. There is much that can be learned about leadership from improvisation - our group learned about the power of stepping into the unknown, embracing uncertainty and being open to possibilities. Sarah's workshop formed part of our orientation activities and was a fantastic primer for fruitful working relationships.”
Dr Rowan Brookes, Course coordinator - Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours), Monash University


The Decent People were engaged by Firbank Girls Grammar School to run a series of workshops to complement leadership activities for senior students.
“A further big thank you for your work today with the girls. The girls comments are overwhelmingly positive.  In response to the question ‘What did you gain from today?’ over a dozen girls have said that they were not previously considering applying for a leadership position but now they thought they might ‘give it a go’.   
 The word ‘fun’ is used again and again in comments on your session and ‘Inspiring’. Others include ‘it’s ok to fail/made you take chances’, which seems to be a huge learning that links in to their readiness to ‘have a go at leadership’. ‘Importance of body language’ / ‘that in order for ideas and thoughts to flow, people have to be open towards each other’/ ‘ something you don’t do every day but a good experience’. Clearly the session was a success and complemented the other activities really well.  Also, please pencil us in for the equivalent Wednesday in 2015!
Jenni Hill, Year 11 Co-ordinator, Firbank Girls Grammar School


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