Agile Minds Team Workshop


Kick start your conference, management program or event. 

We bring your people together in an interactive workshop, by engaging their creativity, buy-in and collaboration.


Why choose this workshop?

  • It opens people up
  • It enhances self - awareness
  • Encourage people to back their ideas
  • Mindfulness
  • Supportive environment

“A huge thank you to Russell and Sarah for taking our team on an improvisation journey, unleashing our creativity and helping us work together with the power of ‘yes, and’!  A few of us were hesitant about the project to start with, but by the end we were comfortable with ourselves and each other to come up with some positive and innovative ideas. Definitely a must-do for any organisation or team looking to further leadership and team work amongst colleagues.”


Call us to find out more.  Russell 0413 597 627.  Sarah 0418 589 033.  We will help you achieve your goals.





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